State-Of-The Art Powder Coating Services

With nearly six decades of experience, Rapid Finishing has the experience and capabilities to handle any powder coating project, regardless of the industry or application. Our cutting-edge automated systems include chain on edge, reel to reel, and overhead conveyor systems that enable us to meet almost any specifications with ease and to OEM standards. Whether producing a handful of parts or thousands of finished products, we are able to achieve superior turnaround times that optimize production schedules.

At Rapid Finishing, we are committed to quality. Our services include phosphate cleaning and quality inspections at each step in the coating. Should a part have a defect, we also provide sand blasting services.

Rapid Finishing is an industry leader in powder coating services. Our capabilities include phosphate cleaning, oven drying, masking and unmasking, powder application, curing, quality inspection, integrity wrapping, palletization and shipping. Secondary finishes are also available as requested, including screen and pad printing. Powder coatings are available in a vast range of colors and textures.

Rapid Finishing has worked with a wide range of industries, including military contractors, automotive manufacturers, state lottery commissions, metal fabricating, food packaging, metal casting and CNC milling companies. Our depth of experience makes us the region’s true source for selective powder application.

Powder coating is a high-quality application with many unique coating options. The process, which emits zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC), can produce much thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings. Powder coating is more environmentally-friendly than conventional liquid coatings and the overspray can be 100% recycled.

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