Quality Craftsmanship in Liquid Spray Painting

Liquid spray painting delivers high gloss and highly durable finish, excellent durability and corrosion resistance—all with an almost limitless range of brilliant colors, finishes and textures. Liquid spray painting, which ranges from water-based and standard bake enamels to epoxies and specialized coatings, is used in a variety of applications to achieve a more polished finish. Rapid Finishing uses the latest spray technologies, including pressure-controlled spray booths & filtering systems to ensure superior and consistent results.


The craftsmen at Rapid Finishing can provide the superior finish your project requires. Our capabilities include phosphate cleaning, oven drying, masking and unmasking, liquid paint application, oven-bake or air-dry process, quality inspection, integrity wrapping, palletization and shipping.


Rapid Finishing has worked with a wide range of industries, including military contractors, automotive manufacturers, state lottery commissions, metal fabricating, food packaging, metal casting and CNC milling companies.

Liquid spray painting delivers a wide range of colors and achieves optimal cosmetic results. Using a variety of coating types, including polyurethanes and epoxies, liquid spray paints can be applied to a variety of substrates including steel, aluminum, plated metals, plastic and wood.

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